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Smile Checklist

These questions can indicate a clinical problem that requires an examination by a dentist. Every case is different and thorough examination and treatment plan by a team of dental professionals is needed to make sure you get the best treatment option possible. The suggested answers below are only to serve as a guide. In all cases often the underlying cause needs to be treated first to ensure results are longer lasting.

  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?  Possible treatment options include orthodontic treatment, resin bonding, porcelain veneers, bridges or implants.
  • Are your teeth overlapping or crowded? You may need orthodontic treatment; in less severe cases we may be able to fix the problem with resin or porcelain veneers.
  • Do you have discoloured or chipped fillings?  Replacement of fillings are usually simple and effective, type of materials depend on individual need.
  • Are your teeth excessively worn down? Your teeth may require to be built up to their original anatomy using resin or ceramic restorations.
  • Are your gums red and swollen? You may have gingivitis and require a thorough examination by the dentist as well a visit to the hygienist.
  • Do your teeth have white spots? This may be an indication of early decay or simply a pattern in healthy enamel. If it is a concern the dentist will present your options.
  • Have your gums receded from the necks of your teeth?  In severe cases a small surgical procedure by the gum specialist can yield great results.

These questions do not indicate a clinical problem and are cosmetic related. There are some suggested solutions for each question but, needless to say, every case is different and therefore assessment by the dentist is essential.

  • Do you show too much or too little gum when you smile? There are several causes and solutions for these situations, the dentist will need to assess which option is the best for you.
  • When you smile broadly are your teeth all the same colour? We may be able to correct this with spot bleaching the darker teeth, or you may need crowns, veneers or replacement of old fillings.
  • Is there a black ‘collar’ around your existing crowns (caps)? This is usually due to presence of metal in your crowns. Full ceramic crowns are the answer to unsightly old crowns. The modern materials are extremely durable without the need to use metal in the structure of the crown. This means no more unsightly black lines.
  • Are your teeth excessively yellow? Laser tooth whitening is a good first step to brighten and improve the shade of the teeth. If satisfactory results cannot be obtained only by whitening, veneers may be considered.
  • If you have tooth coloured fillings, do they match the shade of your teeth? A simple replacement of old fillings may be all that you require. Remember the lifespan of resin fillings is 2-5 years.
  • Do your amalgam fillings show when you smile broadly or laugh? Why not change those black amalgams to Cerec or laboratory-made crowns and inlays. You will have a much more youthful smile when those silver fillings are no longer showing.
  • Do your restorations – fillings, veneers, and crowns look natural?  Not all porcelain materials are the same, the degree of the translucency of the porcelain crown will affect the way the final result will look. If a crown is too white or too opaque it may look fake.
  • Does your gum line look uneven? You may be a good candidate for a laser gum lift.

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