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Porcelain Crown & Bridge

Porcelain crowns & bridges crowns are used to restore extremely worn or badly damaged teeth. They are made of porcelain, with or without a metal underlay structure, and cover the whole tooth.

The 'traditional' way of doing dental crowns

Traditionally, to make  tooth crowns, part of the tooth surface is removed allowing for a mould to be taken, from which the crown is fabricated. Provisional covers are fitted on the teeth while the fabrication is undertaken. On the second visit, these covers are removed, while the customised crowns are cemented in place.

How we do it - same day visits!

New CEREC technology has made the fabrication of  tooth crowns a much simpler process where a digital model of the teeth is taken with a special camera and the highly accurate tooth crowns are made on the spot while you wait. This new technology also makes it possible for a lot less healthy tooth structure to be cut away making the final result more durable and aesthetic.

Bridges are made when one or more teeth are lost and the remaining teeth on the sides of the gap are used to hold the bridge in place. A dental bridge is a series of crowns fused together to replace one or more missing teeth. It is very important to assess the teeth supporting the bridge very carefully as if there is a possibility of future problems the whole bridge will fail.

With the advancement in dental implant technology, there are fewer bridges being made these days as more people replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Every case needs to be carefully considered based on its own merits before decisions regarding the final treatment are made.


Porcelain Crown & Bridge - Before & After Gallery

Case 1 - Bridge Reconstruction

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Finance And Concessions

Veterans Affairs: At Adelaide Family Dentistry we see people holding Veterans Affair health cards. Members with White Cards will need to receive prior approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs before commencing treatment. If however you hold a Gold Card, treatment can begin immediately. Please let us know when you make an appointment that you hold a Veterans Affairs Health Card.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule – Medicare: At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry we accept Medicare’s – Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Patients usually receive a letter in the mail notifying them of eligibility. The plan is valid for treatment over two consecutive calendar years stated in the letter. It is simple to use your voucher – call us for an appointment and let us know you have received the letter. Bring the letter and your Medicare card with you to your appointment. Patients who are eligible for Medicare's Child Benefit Dental Schedule are bulk billed at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry which means there is no out of pocket expenses to you.

Finance: At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry we provide patients with a 6-month interest-free payment plan with GEM VISA. Before commencing it is important we find out how much GEM VISA will cover of your proposed treatment. This is done by filling in some paperwork and then submitting it to GEM VISA online. A response is almost immediate.If you are eligible to use the interest-free period we can begin treatment. Once the treatment is complete you will receive letters monthly from GEM VISA for payment of your treatment. Please ensure you pay your total bill within the 6-month interest-free period, as the interest rates can be quite high.


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