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Gaps between Teeth

Gaps between teeth are caused by a number of reasons and can have serious implications affecting the individuals self-esteem as well their chewing function.

Missing teeth are a common reason for the formation of gaps. Teeth can be lost due to decay or gum disease or be missing due to genetic reasons.

Sometimes gaps exist between teeth naturally. These are called diastemas. Diastemas can look good on some people or the individual might choose to have the diastemas closed if they really don't like them.

What can be done about gaps between teeth?

Missing teeth can be treated with dentures, bridges or implants. Orthodontic treatment (braces) is a brilliant solution for closure of small gaps or diastemas. In some cases, tooth bonding to porcelain veneers can achieve an amazingly beautiful and lasting results. 

It is important that you know your options really well and can make an informed decision about what is good for you and your teeth.  For more information on available treatments please visit the relevant pages on tooth veneers, bonding and implants or pick up the phone and call us on 82131821. We are happy to speak to you on the phone and book you in for a consultation.

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