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At Our Practice – The Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry team not only strives to provide the very best dental services available using the latest technology, but we also try to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. The modern rooms of Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry are co-located with Adelaide Plastic Surgery, one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive cosmetic and plastic surgery practices. 


Your first visit


During your first visit to our rooms, you will be greeted at the waiting room by Dr Amrein who will then undertake a careful examination of your face and teeth that often requires digital pictures and x-rays to be taken.

Using these images, the dentist can assess the health of your teeth, including potential causes of any dental disease that you may have or be at risk of having, as well as any aesthetic improvements that can be made to your smile.


“Our goal is first restore the health of your mouth and secondly make the smile as beautiful as it can be.”


Treatment options and quotes are then provided. You are under no obligation to go ahead with these recommendations and are encouraged to get second opinions. If you wish to proceed, a further appointment is scheduled in.

Dental treatments are performed in a happy and humorous environment. You can even choose the DVD you want to watch during the treatment!

Waterlase/ Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide

Waterlase is an advance technology used to provide laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is becoming a lot more prevalent in the modern dental practices and has revolutionised treatment options available. Lasers have many theraputic properties including desensitisation, disinfection and coagulation. This means laser dentistry has made it possible to have less need for numbing, more comfortable procedures, less bleeding and less inflammation. In practical terms, after a gum lift procedure, for example, patients can go back to their normal routine straight after their treatment with no packs or sutures needed.

At our practice we have used lasers for over a decade and this particular laser since 2007 with application to most cases that we treat. We use this state of the art technology for many procedures including gum lifts, gum cleaning and treatment of sensitive teeth. Soft and hard tissue surgery can be done with lasers with no need for cutting and suturing.

Waterlase  is a YSGG hard tissue laser that is used widely around the world. At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry  we use this laser on patients with gum disease and in some cases get astonishing results. Waterlase laser is also a favourite for treatment of sensitive teeth providing instant results in most cases.  However we primarily use the laser for the correction of “gummy smiles” or irregular gum lines prior to placement of crowns and veneers.  Please visit out gallery to see examples of these procedures and if you like to know more about laser dentistry call us. We will do our best to answer your questions.


CEREC Single visit Ceramic Crowns and Inlays


When it comes to ceramic crowns and  inlays,  computerised dentistry is fast becoming the standard in providing high-quality dental care.

CEREC Single Visit Ceramic Crowns and Inlays

CEREC is an amazing German technology which allows us to replace your unsightly large silver fillings with beautiful ceramic crowns or inlays in a single visit. Upon removal of the old filling, a digital impression of the cavity is taken using the latest CEREC software. The CEREC computer then designs the ceramic crown or inlay and using wireless communications sends the design to a milling chamber located in the next room. The milling chamber cuts a high-quality porcelain block to the precise fit of the cavity in your tooth. Before long your tooth will have a beautiful ceramic crown or inlay and will be almost as good as new.

The beauty of ceramic crowns and inlays done by CEREC is not only their very accurate fit but also CEREC’s unique ability to leave alone any part of the tooth that is still healthy. This means the approach to dentistry can be changed to a “minimally invasive” one. Natural tooth structure is very precious and needs to be saved as much as possible.

Cerec design allows us to do that and to minimise future complications with teeth. Another very impressive aspect of this technology is the aesthetic outcomes. Often it is hard to see which tooth is the CEREC ceramic crown or inlay.


Smartbleach Tooth Whitening

woman smile

Tooth Whitening procedures vary greatly. In our practice we use a state of the art  laser equipment called Smartbleach for tooth whitening. This laser can only be operated by a qualified dentist. So the dentist (not the nurse, or hygienist or beautician) will be performing the treatment. This gives a high degree of assurance to many patients as they know they are in safe hands. The teeth need to be thoroughly assessed to see if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment and other options can be discussed. This can be done in a separate appointment and we do offer a free 10 minute consult for this purpose.

The procedure itself takes one hour during which the teeth are washed and isolated, individually covered with the whitening gel and then lasered one tooth at a time for 30 seconds each application. This gives us a high degree of control over the procedure.The laser beam is a very small beam allowing us to target teeth that are slightly darker.

With any whitening procedure slight sensitivity can occur. This is rare in the case of Smartbleach but it can occasionally happen. If it does we gently direct the laser to another tooth and come back to the sensitive tooth later. Since the dentist is performing the procedure this can be assessed and dealt with in a safe and efficient way.

Tooth whitening results with Smartbleach are instant. The degree of lightening effect depends on the quality of the teeth. We can do a estimated prediction of shade in your consultation appointment. For more information send us an email or call us on 82131821

Digital X-Rays

digital x-rays

Digital X-Rays are a must in our modern dental practice.

Digital X-Rays, also known radiographs, require much lower exposure times to radiation as well as displaying your X-Ray’s instantly on-screen.

Why is this important?

Dentists use radiographs for many reasons, these include finding hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities.

It is possible for both tooth decay and periodontal disease to be missed during a clinical exam, and radiographic evaluation of the dental and periodontal tissues is a critical segment of the comprehensive oral examination.

Apart from cutting the time that you are in the dental chair, seeing your x-ray is a powerful educational tool. If there are cavities or bone recession due to gum disease you can see it yourself and be motivated to take preventative action. The treating dentist can then see clearly what procedure needs to be done and what possible risks are involved.


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