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Dental veneers

Aug 27, 2015

There are a number of reasons why people might choose to have porcelain dental veneers or laminates placed on their teeth. When it comes to dental procedures it is very important to have them done for the right reasons, with absolutely minimum damage to healthy tooth structures and using the right techniques and materials for your needs. 

Research has shown that the mere act of smiling is linked to happiness and well being of a person. In our modern communities a lot of people srtive to present themselves as best they can and as such, if they perceive an issue with their teeth, they are reluctant to smile.

Sometimes this is just that . A mere perception. I have had many patients who have come to me for various cosmetic treatments and all I had to tell them was your smile is actually very attractive. Go and show it off.

There are also many instances where there are real and tanjable issues related to front teeth. Once they are fixed they give the person the confidence to smile and the process is often life changing for the individual (Yes we do love our job).

There are various indications where a patient might need porcelain dental veneers. The person may have excessively yellow or discoloured teeth (which can not be treated with whitening alone), old and stained fillings, gaps in between teeth, worn down teeth,  small teeth and so on. Each case is uniquely individual and one formula will not suit everyone. Treatment needs to be tailor-made to your needs. 

When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, one has to bear in mind that there are rules and formulas that have to be taken into consideration in order for the veneers to look good. The width to height ratio of the teeth, the amount of tooth shown when you smile or talk,  the position of teeth in relation to top and bottom lip and how the teeth will sit relative to the rest of the face, are some of these considerations. A dentist experienced in cosmetic dentistry will have the whole person in mind, can visualise the end result and will be able to communicate that end result with you.

So if you are considering veneers make sure you ask these questions:

  • Can I see what my teeth will look like and can you replicate what you have shown me?
  • How much of my teeth will you be cutting? (if you need temporaries, it usually means a lot of your tooth will be cut) 
  • Will the colour match the rest of my teeth?
  • Will it look natural or fake?
  • Where will the veneers be made? (Australian standards are different to overseas)

If you are thinking of having dental veneers done come for a chat. We will talk you through options and procedures and answer your questions. Call us on 82131821.

and while you are here check our veneer page and the before-after gallery. You'll get the picture.

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Are all ceramic dental crowns the same?

Apr 19, 2015

I often get asked "are all ceramic dental crowns the same?"

Not that long ago, if you were unfortunate to break a front tooth, say in a bike accident at age 8, it was not uncommon for the dentist to perform a root canal and when you turned 18-20 years old add a crown on the tooth.

Fortunately, there have been many changes in the techniques and materials used in ceramic dental crowns over the last decade. It all had to do with the materials available.

Porcelain crown, metal core

The most popular technique for crowning teeth 10 to 15 years ago involved the use of porcelain layered over a metal core. After some time, it was common for the metal to show through so the dentist needed the person to have stopped growing so the metal line did not show.

Guess what? Unfortunately it often still did. How many people do you know, or have seen with a dark line right next to their gum when they laugh? Not a good look (but it can be easily fixed).

What about metal free crowns?

The next generation of dental ceramics no longer required a metal core. While this moved the technology forward these materials still had their limitations.

  • They were terribly opaque and would often look like fake teeth.
  • Some of them were not ‘tolerated’ by the gums that well either.

Is it possible to have long lasting, natural looking dental crowns or veneers?

Yes! After almost 15 years of working with various materials, and literally having performed hundreds of crowns and veneers, I am now confident that with the German designed CEREC technology that we use along with the latest generation of ceramic dental materials, we can deliver beautiful natural looking teeth that are long-lasting. These treatments normally require a single appointment.

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