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Resin Veneers

Feb 20, 2014

Q: Will they look ‘fake’?

A: Resin veneers do not look ‘fake’. The material used is matched to the current shade of your teeth, which means they blend in. Also the material is polished to give the teeth a natural shine and lustre just like the enamel of your tooth.

Q: Are resin veneers long lasting?

A: As long as routine dental check ups are attended, they should last for several years. Regular polishing and stain removal is required to maintain the natural look of the veneers.

Q: Will resin veneers break?

A: Generally Resin Veneers do not break. However biting on hard food may cause chipping of the veneers. Either polishing or the addition of more resin to the veneer can easily repair small chips.

Q: Are they reversible?

A: Resin veneers require no or minimal tooth reshaping. This means, yes, they are reversible. If in several years you are unhappy with the veneers or wish to change/ replace them, we are able to remove the resin and leave behind the natural tooth structure that was originally there.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: Resin veneers only require 1 visit to the dentist. In 1 – 2 hours Dr Amrein or Dr Reddy can transform your smile using Resin Veneers.

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