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Gum Lift

Feb 20, 2014

Q: Is there a chance of infection?

A: Gum infections after laser surgery are extremely rare.

Q: Does the gum grow back?

A: The laser works by ‘cutting’ away the gum. It does not grow back after the treatment has been completed.

Q: Is there any bleeding?

A: As the laser cuts it also seals the area allowing for little or no bleeding to occur. If there is bleeding it is only a small amount and will stop shortly after the procedure.

Q: Is the laser gum lift procedure painful?

A: This procedure is done with a laser light and conducted under local anaesthetic; this means there is no pain. There are no sutures, no bleeding and no gauze packs. Post operative pain is negligible. However if there is a small amount of discomfort, mild anti inflammatory medication can be taken to ease this. Keep in mind you have had a surgical procedure and even though it might not seem like it, the area should still be treated as one.

Q: How long does it take? Am I able to return to work?

A: The procedure time can vary from patient to patient. Generally allowing an hour can be all that is required. Most patients are able to return to their normal, daily life after having a laser gum lift.

Q: What is a ‘gummy smile’?

A: A gummy smile is when excessive amount of gum and little tooth is shown in the full smile. In some cases (not all) it can be less than attractive.

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