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General FAQ

Feb 20, 2014

Q: How much will the treatment cost?

A: Fees vary for each treatment and for each patient. It is almost impossible to let you know roughly how much procedures cost without actually seeing your teeth. With any procedure the best thing to do is come in and see either Dr Amrein or Dr Reddy for a consultation. At this appointment you will find out all of your treatment options, have any questions answered and gain an estimated quote and treatment plan. Please contact our rooms (08) 8213 1821 to make a time.

Q: Will my private health insurance cover the cost of treatment?

A: Depending on your level of dental (extras) coverage will determine what and how much treatment is covered. Most treatment is claimable through your insurance but rebates do vary. At your consultation appointment – which you are able to claim as long as you have a minimum of basic extras cover – you will receive a treatment plan and quote that will contain item numbers you can take back to your private health insurance. They will let you know what and how much you are covered for.

Q: How long is the treatment going to take?

A: Treatment times can vary. Please refer to the specific treatment you are interested in for more in depth information regarding treatment times.

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