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Crowns and Bridges

Feb 20, 2014

Q: Are crowns permanent?

A: Yes crowns are a permanent restoration. Usually crowns are placed as the last option on severely broken down and heavily filled teeth to increase their strength. At Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry we use full porcelain crowns to ensure there is not metal collaring if the gum recedes.

Q: Is the tooth cut?

A: To make room for the crown the tooth must be cut. Every surface of the tooth is reduced to ensure the crown will fit securely and also to help prevent food packing between teeth.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: Local anaesthetic is used when preparing a tooth for a crown. Once the procedure has been completed a temporary crown is placed to ensure no sensitivity is felt whilst the porcelain crown is being manufactured by the lab.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Porcelain crowns require at least 2 visits with 2 weeks in between. The lab requires 2 weeks to manufacture the porcelain crown.

Q: Are there differences in the quality of crowns?

A: Yes, crowns can be made of different types of materials, incorporating gold, alumina or zirconia as a base under the ceramic. Aesthetics and strength of these materials vary and each situation needs to be carefully assessed to determine which crown is best suited to the tooth.

Q: Do crown/porcelain veneers last a long time?

A: Crown and veneers can potentially last a lifetime with good home care and regular check-ups. One of the common causes of fracture in veneers, crowns or teeth is grinding throughout sleep. As a provision a night guard is strongly recommended following aesthetic makeovers.

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