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Silver filling replacement

Jul 23, 2014

This patient was interested in silver filling replacement. As you can see the existing amalgam filling was leaky and broken. Amalgam fillings are metal so they expand and shrink at a different rate to the rest of the tooth and they can cause the teeth to break and cusps to fracture. cusps are pointy part of the tooth. Broken teeth are unsightly and sharp. Alternative health practitioners recommend Amalgam fillings or silver filling replacement due to their potential mercury poisoning. From a dental point of view this is not comprehensively proven but as we try to provide best patient care and customer service we are happy to replace them if this is the wish of the patient. Amalgam replacement needs to be done with the right type of material. Resins are often not the right choice as they are not as durable. Ceramic inlays or CEREC inlays or ceramic crowns are  far better options for silver filling replacement. Mercury fillings are another term that is used to refer to amalgams. mercury is one of the elements that exists in amalgam fillings. Silver filling replacement can be done chairside and in a single visit pain free and in a comfortable way. ceramic inalys have the same colour and texture as tooth, they are extremely durable and in modern dentistry have a very common place in restoring broken teeth. Adelaide cosmetic dentistry performs silver filling replacement routinely and usually uses chairside ceramic or cerec. we are one of the leading users of this technique in Adelaide. amalgam fillings are black and pose a cosmetic issue as well. they are visible when we talk or laugh. ceramic inlays are a brilliant replacement as they are tooth coloured and aesthetic. cerec makes it possible to do this in one appointment and with no temporary fillings or impressions. Amalgam filling silver filling replacement,documentid,26676,category,Amalgam_Fillings.aspx



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