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Case Study

Smile Makeover Case Study 1

Smile Makeover Case Study 1 - Using dental implants, crowns and veneers 

This lovely lady presented to our practice wanting her missing teeth replaced and appearance of her teeth to improve.  Her front teeth were chipped and worn down and the old fillings were discoloured. She also had early decay on the teeth that created unsightly stains. In addition, she showed the greyness of the silver fillings in the back teeth when she smiled broadly.

In cases where major repair of several teeth is needed accurate dental records are essential. In this case, we needed x-ray examination of all teeth, casts of the teeth to see how the bite comes together and thorough clinical examinations.  After forming a suitable treatment plan implants were placed to replace the missing teeth and front teeth were treated with porcelain crowns and veneers to strengthen the teeth as well as dramatically improve their appearance.


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Smile Makeover Case Study 2

Smile makeover using orthodontics, laser gum lift and porcelain veneers.

This young gentleman had a large gap in between his front teeth and had two very small teeth on either side of them making his smile less than perfect.  The large size of the gap and the twisting of the teeth on the side meant that the treatment plan for this case included a course of orthodontics (braces) to bring the teeth in correct positioning and “untwist” the side teeth.  A small gum lift was performed on the smaller teeth as well to make their size more harmonious with the larger ones. 

Finally, porcelain veneers were placed on the four front teeth to enhance their shape and colour.


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Smile Makeover Case Study 3

Smile makeover case study 3 using dental implants, laser gum lift and porcelain crowns and veneers.

This gentleman suffered from severe tooth wear due to grinding and also losing his eye teeth (canines) at an early age. Like any other complex case, accurate records, x-rays and clinical examinations were needed. As it is often the case we also needed to try the new position of the teeth as a “mock up” to make sure he can tolerate the addition of length. After the final treatment plan was formulated, porcelain crowns and veneers were placed on teeth to restore them to a better anatomy and aesthetics.

A night guard was made to protect him from further tooth grinding.


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