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CEREC Single visit Ceramic Crowns and Inlays

Mar 12, 2014

When it comes to ceramic crowns and  inlays,  computerised dentistry is fast becoming the standard in providing high-quality dental care.

CEREC Single Visit Ceramic Crowns and Inlays

CEREC is an amazing German technology which allows us to replace your unsightly large silver fillings with beautiful ceramic crowns or inlays in a single visit. Upon removal of the old filling, a digital impression of the cavity is taken using the latest CEREC software. The CEREC computer then designs the ceramic crown or inlay and using wireless communications sends the design to a milling chamber located in the next room. The milling chamber cuts a high-quality porcelain block to the precise fit of the cavity in your tooth. Before long your tooth will have a beautiful ceramic crown or inlay and will be almost as good as new.

The beauty of ceramic crowns and inlays done by CEREC is not only their very accurate fit but also CEREC’s unique ability to leave alone any part of the tooth that is still healthy. This means the approach to dentistry can be changed to a “minimally invasive” one. Natural tooth structure is very precious and needs to be saved as much as possible.

Cerec design allows us to do that and to minimise future complications with teeth. Another very impressive aspect of this technology is the aesthetic outcomes. Often it is hard to see which tooth is the CEREC ceramic crown or inlay.


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